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Last update: 27/04/2010
Maciej (Mac) Sikonski
General informations:
Pseudo: Jitsu (Means "art")
Date of birth: Pctober 8th, 1984
Eyes: blue
Height: 1m76
Weight: 162.8 Lbs
Adress: Zywiecka 21a/13 33-300 Nowy Sacz Poland
Website: soon available
Martial arts informations:
School: World United Martial Arts Federation Ė Koshin Academy Poland
Style: Kyokushinkaikan Karate, Nunchaku, Freestyle Fighting and Judo
Level: 2nd dan of Karate, 1st dan of Nunchaku
Mac Sikonski practised martial arts during more than 15 years, he began at nine years old, following the steps of his grand father, who was a boxer, and of his father, who had a black belt in Judo.
First, he received some lessons of Judo and boxing techniques, his goal was to become a real warrior. He began training to Bo and Katana, but quickly he decided to take in his hands the weapon which has make him dreamed so many times: the unforeseeable and dangerous Nunchaku...
Mixing Kyokushinkaiís style and double Nunchaku, he managed to create a style which mixed artistic and fighting techniques. With his bases of infighting that he had acquired in Martial arts he practised, Nunchaku became very dangerous in his hands...
Mac always wanted to become famous with his abilities, so he trained severely. He was Karateka and Nunchakuka, but also teacher and manager of a gymnasium in Poland: it was a big sacrifice for him because he couldnít spend a lot of time with his family and his friends...
His words:
I like Nunchaku, this weapon brings me a lot of freedom and I can express totally my personality through this practise.
My training is easy: I take a Nunchaku and I play with it to have fun, it is an excellent mean to enjoy myself. Of course, I benefit from this train to learn and make up new techniques, perfect the ones I already know, or also earn speed... Iím not a gymnast; I canít do any acrobatics like Matt Emig, for example, so I try to do the best things I can with my Nunchakus without acrobatics.
Karate gave me solid basis for fighting and moves, these techniques are mainly specified for fighting and canít be as beautiful as Nunchaku ones, but they are very efficient in a fight.
Out of my training, I am a teacher in a school, I make my pupils become stronger and I gave them advices to have a better way of life. By giving them some Karate lessons, I made them become practising persons who love what they do, like me.
In 2007, my pupils earned 14 medals at European championship WUMA in Britain: they are close friends and I gave them the addiction of martial arts, I think it was my duty to teach them my knowledge. So I went to my grips their training sessions and I coach them. Teaching them become better is something that is closed to my heart.
My best pupil was Lukasz Michalik, he is 25 and I train him for five years. He was European champion of Full Contact Karate, I am very proud of him.
My dream was to become a world champion... In 2006, this dream came true. I was invited at a competition at the World United Martial Arts Federation (WUMA) and I could face to the best persons in fighting and weapon manipulation: I finish second in two fighting class and first in weapon manipulation. It was a crucial moment for me, I wept and my heart smiled: it was bliss. Since this day, my life became different: now I have to keep this title, and this could be more and more difficult as time goes along, because my opponents go stronger and stronger...
There is a man that Iíd like to face in a competition: Matt Emig. We have very different style but I thing it could be a good experiment.
I began to create Koshin Nunchaku: it is a slip of freestyle, Kobudo and Karate. Thatís the style I teach to my pupils. I donít see that as a new style but as a new mean to express oneself.
I donít force my pupils to learn exactly what I teach and nothing else, they are free to learn and make up new things, they do in accordance with their inspiration and their way to express themselves. I want to help them improve and materialize to make them find their way in life. As Bruce Leeís speech, "I donít believe in the styles": everyone is different and martial arts should give freedom. They can only show the door, they canít make you walk through it. Itís the experience of an entirely life.
Here you can see few videos of Mac:: Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3
Here is some title he earned::
2nd at Karate Kyokushinkai 2004
2nd at Kyokushinkai Poland senior clicker 2004
1st at Poland Nunchaku Tournament creative 2006
1st at Poland Nunchaku Tournament kata 2006
2nd at Poland Nunchaku Tournament self deffence 2006
1st at All Style Karate kata 2006
2nd at Poland Open Karate Championships semi contact 2006
1st at Karate vs Kickboxing tournament full contact 2006
1st at Best of the Best tournament in Poland 2006
3rd at Extreme Martial Arts 2006 creative
1st at World WUMA Championships 2006 weapon forms
2nd at World WUMA Championships 2006 full contact
2nd at World WUMA Championships 2006 light contact
1st at Poland Nunchaku Tournament creative 2007
3rd at European Championships Weapons in Britain 2007
3rd at European Championships light contact in Britain 2007
2nd at European Championships team semi contact in Britain 2007
1st at Poland World Sport and Martial Arts Event Warsaw 2007