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Last update: 27/04/2010
Humorous images
There are 24 image(s) in this category.
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Size: 640x427
Some advices about Nunchaku...

Size: 819x614
Do you want more arms ? ;)

Size: 240x320
Do you know fire Nunchaku ? Now, it's time for the ice Nunchaku !

Size: 640x427
Some advices about Nunchaku...

Size: 639x500
Cooking tool can become deadly Nunchakus !

Size: 1024x768
This is what matter when you train on your bedroom...

Size: 968x692
Yes... It's my first Nunchaku... No, it's not a joke... I'm not responsible for mental damages that can be caused by viewing this image.

Size: 600x435
Training is not always a pleasant time...

Size: 640x480
Nunchaku Vs. Tree => Nunchaku - 0 / Tree - 1

Size: 400x427
This is Ninja Rabbit, a very dangerous rabbit with a Nunchaku...

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