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Last update: 27/04/2010
Miscellaneous images
There are 32 image(s) in this category.
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Size: 660x495
Some Chinese practitioners at a public demonstration in China.

Size: 800x426
Different models of Chinese Nunchakus.

Size: 800x500
Amazing Nunchaku built only with chains. It's a good digital image.

Size: 1734x2600
Photo of a young Chinese girl at a public demonstration of Nunchaku.

Size: 2048x1536
High sized picture of a Chinese three-section staff.

Size: 640x480
Nunchaku with an army style design.

Size: 500x747
Photo of a Chinese Nunchaku practicer.

Size: 727x573
Reproduction of the Chinese character "ku" from Nunchaku with... Nunchakus !

Size: 1408x722
Photo of various Nunchakus.

Size: 714x578
The two parts of this Nunchaku can be assembled to make a stick.

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