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Last update: 27/04/2010
Humorous videos
There are 9 video(s) in this category.
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Nunchaku Master
An hidden master has been discovered in a forest...

Piyo Piyo Nunchaku
A new musical instrument ! Now you can do martial music ! ;)

Piano Nunchaku
Can you play piano and Nunchaku at the same time ?

Giant Nunchaku
This man has invented the giant Nunchaku, and now he's playing with it...

A well placed strike...
No comments...

Messed up demonstration
A beautiful messed up demonstration...

Double toilet brush Nunchaku
And now with two toilet brush Nunchaku ! :)

Single toilet brush Nunchaku
Me playing with a Nunchaku made with two toilet brushes... ;)

Mistakes Compilation
A compilations of mistakes I made during my freestyles. ;) And for the first time in the world: the toilet brush Nunchaku !

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