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Last update: 27/04/2010
Nunchaku videos
There are 41 video(s) in this category.
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The legend of Kagutsuchi Kurisuta
A little story, some beautiful sceneries, some Nunchaku... Why ask something more ? This is the first video of Krista without fire.

DarkCoraya's Freestyle
It's a video of a Team-Shaolin member. He goes better and better with a Nunchaku in his hands!

Chukin the planet 2008
It's a video compilation of a lot of Nunchaku players all around the world. Thanks to Gomartgo for this video !

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VNA Stanley Park Trip
The "Vancouver Nunchaku Association" has made a little jump into a park, some beautiful Nunchaku moves here!

Krzychu's freestyle
Another very good freestyler from Poland !

John Su Show
It's a demonstration from a Chinese Kung Fu master.

ChuckNasty and Juju's freestyle
Another freestyle from Chucknasty, but this time he is with his friend Juju.

ChuckNasty's freestyle
A freestyle video from ChuckNasty, a very good American practicer. He has the third place to the Freestyle Nunchaku World Cup 2008.

Mah Nunchaku Form
A little freestyle from a Chinese Nunchaku practicer.

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