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Last update: 27/04/2010
Double Nunchaku - Figure eight
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Double basic rotations
Description: These are basic rotations: this movement should not pose any problem to learn.

Double asynchronous basic rotations
Double asynchronous basic rotations
Description: The principal difficulty here is to desynchronize the movements of the two hands: learn this move slowly at the beginning.

Crossed figure eight
Crossed figure eight
Required skills: Horizontal figure eight normal and advanced.
Description: These are classic figures eight that you have to cross in the middle of the move. To position in offensive guard will enable you to carry out this technique more simply, because the arm which is behind intuitively will pass over the other arm for the crossing part.

Double synchronous normal and reversed figure eight
Description: These are classic figures eight that you have to realize with the two hands at the same time.

Figure eight with direction change
Description: This is a sequence of two figures eights with a direction change. No particular difficulty here if you control well this movement in simple Nunchaku.

Double figure eight with direction change
Description: These are two figures eight with a direction change realized simultaneously. No difficulty if you already control this type of figure eight.

Double figure eight with quick direction change
Description: Movement very similar to the “double figure eight with direction change”, but this time the eight carried out is not completely the same. The rest of the move is identical.

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