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Last update: 27/04/2010
Marc Chaland
General informations:
Date of birth: September 9th, 1980
Eyes: blue
Adress: Lyon, France
Martial arts informations:
Job: coach of fighting and artistic Nunchaku
Style: Nunchaku FINCA fighting and artistic
Level: black belt 1st Dan
Marc Chaland began Nunchaku at the age of twelve, just after looking up to Bruce Lee and others Nunchaku practisers in martial arts movies. As one goes along practising, he participates several amateur shows for various occasions. When he’s 20, advised by his friends, he decided to reach the Nunchaku’s federation (FINCA) and went to a club in Lyon where he discovered fighting Nunchaku.
In 2002, he won the European cup of artistic Nunchaku and then, in 2003, the world championship of artistic Nunchaku. After getting his technical black belt of fighting Nunchaku, he decided to open his own club in 2006. To date, it's the only specialized club of Nunchaku in the Rhône Alpes region in France.
Here is the video of Marc Chaland’s performance for the Nunchaku World Cup at Vevey in 2008: click here.
His words:
Nunchaku is open to everybody, it is for any age between 15 and 60 years old and women can also learn this martial art.
- Fighting Nunchaku permit to gain stamina, self-mastery, coordination, moves, concentration, flexibility and respect for his partner.
- Artistic Nunchaku brings a lot of similarities but offer to the practising person more freedom, creativity and self-confidence during shows.
My goal is to continue to make out my club and to make Nunchaku accessible to everyone because few persons know exactly what is this sport.
Here are some titles he won:
5 times winner at the European cup of fighting and artistic Nunchaku (FINCA)
World Champion of Artistic Nunchaku in 2003 (FINCA)
Vice world champion of artistic Nunchaku in 2005 (FINCA)
Vice world champion of fighting Nunchaku in 2005 (FINCA)
World champion of artistic Nunchaku in 2008 (ITNA)