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Last update: 27/04/2010
Matthew Emig
General informations:
Birth date: July 9th 1987
Hairs: brown
Eyes: brown
Adress: 470 Helene Avenue,
Shirley, New York 11967
Martial arts informations:
School: World Karate Academy
Style: Kempo Tae Kwon Do
Level: black belt
Team: John Paul Mitchell
Matthew Emig is a 19 year old phenomenon from Long Island, New York. He has conquered the Karate world for the 8 past years by his tricks and his amazing moves with a Nunchaku.
The first meeting between Matt and martial arts world has been done during an episode of the Ninja Turtles, when he was young. Of course, Michael Angelo was his favourite turtle because he uses Nunchakus. Two years later, he began his training, at the age of 5, at the World Karate Academy.
He practised Kempo Tae Kwon Do and has acquired a black belt in 1997. His specialities: tricks and gymnastic. Besides, he started competition in the North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA) in 1998. He instantly became a prodigy after winning a world title in his second year of competition. Matt has became one of the most successful junior competitors in Karate history. He has won 8 weapons form world titles and 6 open-hand forms ones.
His high level of competitiveness and success lead him earning a place on the Team Paul Mitchell, a well respected team sponsored by John Paul Mitchell Hairstyle Systems. Throughout this period, Matt revolutionized the use of Nunchakus, creating a style which is a mix between very complex manipulations of the weapon and a lot of tricks. He uses some special Nunchakus, made by G-Force company just for him. They have a lot of similitaries with Pro Chux. Such skill has made him appear on ESPN, Paul Mitchell commercial ads, and on discovery channel.
His love and devotion to his craft are unconditional, continually thriving to achieve greatness within himself and the martial arts community. As co-founder of Collective Innovations, with Daniel Sterling and Vince Johnson, Emig hopes to bring recognition and prosperity to his craft through education and performance.
Matt has gave demonstrations in many countries such as Quebec, Los Angeles, Nashville, Atlanta, New York, Washington, Boston, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Paris.
Here you can see some titles earned by Matt:
World Cup Nationals in Washington
Bluegrass Nationals in Kentucky
Diamonds Nationals in Minnesota
Ocean State Nationals in Rhode Island
Northeast Martial Arts in Rhode Island
State of the Art Nationals in Rhode Island
WKA Nationals in New York
Twin Tower Classics in New York
Jr. Karate Championships in New York
US Open in Florida
AKA Grand Nationals in Illinoi
New England Open in Massachusetts
French Open II in Paris
Battle of the Shore in New Jersey
New Jersey Open
Tokyo Joe's Classics in New Hampshire
Quebec Open in Canada
To finish this article, here is a video of Matt with his Nunchakus: click here.