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Last update: 27/04/2010
General informations:
Name: Paul
Pseudo: The_D or Zgred
Date of birth: October 9th, 1983
Eyes: green
Height: 1m83
Adress: Warsaw, Poland
Websites: and
Martial arts informations:
Style: Karate, Judo and, a long time ago, Kick Boxing and Wing Tsun
Weapons: Nunchaku, San Jie Gun, SaÔ, Eskrima, nine section whip and Bo Speciality: Nunchaku
The_D is a Nunchaku practiser very famous in the Internet. He is very appreciated by a lot of persons for his style and his innovative moves. The_D is actively involved on the Internet and he likes giving advices to the ones who want to improve their skill in Nunchaku.
Here, you can see one of his most famous video: Video.
His words:
I began very young to learn martial arts, most exactly when I am in elementary school. During two years, I practised Kyokushin Karate, then I did Judo during two years, in a sport club of Warsaw called "Gwardia". After, I stopped martial arts for several years and I trained to volley-ball. Once I was in secondary school, I began Kick Boxing and I also play Wing-Tsun for a small period.
I began to train to Nunchaku just after seeing the very famous movies of Bruce Lee called "Enter the dragon". At this period, I didnít have the Internet and because I didnít know anyone who practising this weapon, I build my very first Nunchaku and I self-taught during about two years. Then, I met people to practise with and I began to exchange techniques.
When I had the Internet, everything went faster: I made a website about Nunchaku to share my passion and help the ones who want to learn. I also create the FBB forum, who is now the biggest polish forum about Nunchaku...
Since last year, I make a break in my training on account of my studies, but I think not for a long time. Nowadays, I trained to acrobatics in Mazowiecki Karate Kyokushin Club.
I never thought that someone who lives on the other side of the world could hear about me, I always train for me, to enjoy myself, relax and also for doing sport. I never participate to any competitions, excepted in Judo but it was a very long time ago... Now, maybe I train less than before but I help people who want to become better with Nunchaku and also with other weapons... All of this is just a hobby, a passion and Iím happy to inspire some persons.
I would like to thanks all persons who look, publish and give their opinions on my videos, and also the ones who make links to my website. Itís thanks to you and what you have done that Iím writing this text on this page... And Thanks for all the mails you sent me ! Youíre groovy !
"There aren't things impossible, only that we won't desire enough."
- The_D -