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Last update: 27/04/2010
Build a wooden Nunchaku
Necessary material:
- A wooden stick, octogonal or cylindric, with a diameter between 18 and 22 millimeters (0.07 and 0.09 inches) and long enough to allow you to cut two sections both about 35 centimeters long (about 14 inches).
- A wood saw.
- A vice and, if you can, two piece of foam.
- A drill with a drill bit adapted to pierce wood.
- A chain or a rope, as you prefer.
For our example, we will build a wooden Nunchaku with two octogonal sticks which came from Japan, more precisely from the Mount Fuji:
Once you have choosen your measures and your type of wood, put the wooden sticks into the vice. It's better to not tight a lot for not leave marks on the wood. If you have some pieces of foam, put them between the stick and the vice, to protect the wood.
Once the stick is correctly placed, you can cut it at the right measure using the saw.
It's preferable to file the sticks where you have sawn them, to not leave any splinters. The wood is not as solid as metal, it can be fragile and some cracks can appear, especially when you saw it, it was hapenned in our example, so we have putted some scotch to consolidate it. We finally have two identical sections:
Now, we have to link these two sticks together, with a chain or a rope.