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Last update: 27/04/2010
Humorous images
There are 24 image(s) in this category.
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Size: 400x307
No comments...

Size: 365x641
Cowboys not always need guns to have style...

Size: 578x540
Very useful if we are attacked during a D.I.Y....

Size: 640x960
A very original Nunchaku made with soda cans.

Size: 384x331
Here it's one of the two candidate for the American presidential elections... I think he has understand how to give a good image of himself !

Size: 240x400
A player of a very particular baseball style... The baseball bat is like a Nunchaku...

Size: 500x422
Do you know what is a Nunchuck ? ... Are you sure ?

Size: 1034x935
My cat is a Nunchaku master !

Size: 640x480
It's Sandy, the hidden sister of the Ninja Turtles ! Thanks to Drax for the photo !

Size: 512x384
Be careful, plushes may be very aggressive...

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