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Last update: 27/04/2010
Fire images
There are 12 image(s) in this category.
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Size: 568x912
It's a staff-figure we are used to call "dragon".

Size: 855x1283
Others figures under the kiosk...

Size: 1275x850
Krista, Michel and Sixty burn the kiosk with their Nunchakus !

Size: 1275x850
Some fire under the kiosk in a park at Grenoble. You can see an aerial with a Nunchaku on this photo.

Size: 1280x948
Others figures under the vaults...

Size: 1280x850
Some figures under old vaults...

Size: 1280x850
A darker but good looking photo...

Size: 1280x680
Another nice photo...

Size: 1280x850
A beautiful photo realized with a long shutter speed.

Size: 1280x976
Some fire figures next to Grenoble's museum.

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