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Last update: 27/04/2010
Videos of the site's webmaster
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SixtyFourWarrior's Ladder Match II
This video makes me win my second match against Chuck Nasty during the "Ladder Battles", a competition on

Krista & SixtyFourWarrior
It's a duet with Krista, this videos makes us win the Nunchaku competition.

Eve's fire show
It's a little fire show during a concert on the Grenoble's campus: Nunchakus, fans, poi... All things to have a good evening !

SixtyFourWarrior Vs. ChuckNasty Ladder Match
This video makes me win my first match against Chuck Nasty during the "Ladder Battles", a competition on

Mont Jalla's ruins - 19/01/2008
A good evening with Krista, at the Mont Jalla, in Grenoble.The weather was cold but fire was here to warn we up ! ;)

Freestyle Nunchaku World Cup 2008
This video makes me win the Freestyle Nunchaku World Cup 2008. All footage has been shot on the Mont Jalla's shrine, in Grenoble. ;)

Burning evening - 24/11/2007
It's a little and cool evening on the Grenoble's caves. Fire, good friends, an appointment of good things ! Special thanks to Krista ! ;)

Nunchaku Freestyle - 29/08/2007
It's an "anniversary" video for my two years of Nunchaku practice.

Weapons Freestyle - 16/06/2007
Freestyle on the middle of a roundabout, on the ruins of a ancient factory, and on a wheat field.

Mistakes Compilation
A compilations of mistakes I made during my previous freestyles. ;) And for the first time in the world: the toilet brush Nunchaku !

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