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Last update: 27/04/2010
Nunchaku videos
There are 41 video(s) in this category.
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The legend of Kagutsuchi Kurisuta
A little story, some beautiful sceneries, some Nunchaku... Why ask something more ? This is the first video of Krista without fire.

DarkCoraya's Freestyle
It's a video of a Team-Shaolin member. He goes better and better with a Nunchaku in his hands!

Chukin the planet 2008
It's a video compilation of a lot of Nunchaku players all around the world. Thanks to Gomartgo for this video !

Artistic Nunchaku World Champion 2008
Here is the Marc Chaland's demonstration, he has won the artistic Nunchaku World Cup in 2008 at Vevey, Switzerland.

VNA Stanley Park Trip
The "Vancouver Nunchaku Association" has made a little jump into a park, some beautiful Nunchaku moves here!

Krzychu's freestyle
Another very good freestyler from Poland !

John Su Show
It's a demonstration from a Chinese Kung Fu master.

ChuckNasty and Juju's freestyle
Another freestyle from Chucknasty, but this time he is with his friend Juju.

ChuckNasty's freestyle
A freestyle video from ChuckNasty, a very good American practicer. He has the third place to the Freestyle Nunchaku World Cup 2008.

Mah Nunchaku Form
A little freestyle from a Chinese Nunchaku practicer.

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