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Last update: 27/04/2010
Nunchaku videos
There are 41 video(s) in this category.
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Chinese Nunchaku practisers
A good video from some Chinese Nunchaku practicer. You will need real player to play this video.

Another freestyle from Marc Chaland
It's another video of Marc Chaland, he his more and more impressive...

Marc Chaland's freestyle
This is a video from Marc Chaland, he has been world champion of artistic Nunchaku many times.

Awesome freestyle
Here it's a very good Nunchaku practicer, he has very good control of his Nunchakus.

Titonunchaku's freestyle
A good freestyle with a Nunchaku and a San Jie Gun.

Contact Nunchaku with NinjaRob
A very interesting video showing contact moves with a Nunchaku. I think NinjaRob was one of the first to use a Nunchaku like that.

Demonstration in Poland
A little demonstration in a shopping mall in Poland. Very good moves...

Gemma Nguyen's freestyle
Another girl from the same school as Matt Emig...

Sammy Smith's freestyle
Amazing performance for a 10 years old girl... She has the same style than Matt Emig, she is probably from the same school as him.

Lokos freestyle
Awesome performance from Lokos, with single and double Nunchaku. He has been practising for 7 years...

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