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Last update: 27/04/2010
Nunchaku videos
There are 41 video(s) in this category.
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Sebricci's freestyles
Some freestyles from Sebricci showing his moves: very good aerials !

Halloween freestyle
Interesting and smooth moves for a good Halloween freestyle !

G-FACTION freestyle - 10/29/2007
Second freestyle from a friend to whom I've learned Nunchaku. You can see his progression since his last video. Good performance.

Pro Chux presentation
This is a video from master Lee Barden: he shows what kind of moves you can do with Pro Chux.

Wushu demonstration
This is a very good demonstration Kung Fu Wushu performer with single and double Nunchaku.

Freestyle of a Chinese Wushu master
It's a very short video from China, this man is a Kung Fu Wushu master. Very good performance.

G-FACTION freestyle - Summer 2007 in Japan
A video of a friend during his trip to Japan.

Gavelepo's freestyle
Video of a freestyler with unusual and amazing techniques. He works with very light Nunchakus.

The_D's freestyle
A freestyle from The_D, a famous freestyler in the Nunchaku world. Good and smooth moves.

Matt Emig's freestyle
Very good freestyle from Matt Emig: a mix of tricks, kicks and Nunchaku techniques.

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