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Last update: 27/04/2010
Nunchaku videos
There are 41 video(s) in this category.
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Levi - Freestyle Nunchaku World Cup 2010
This is the video Levi, winner of the Freestyle Nunchaku World Cup 2010. Awesome techniques ! :)

Chinese Nunchaku Elite
This is an expert Chinese Nunchaku team. The moves are really fast and complex.

Korean Nunchaku style
Video from a Korean Nunchaku team presenting us some really interesting moves...

Nunchaku show in China
This is a video from a Nunchaku show in China, some moves are interesting...

This is a video from the Gunwu team, a famous Nunchaku team in China.

Chinese Nunchaku competition
This video comes from a Chinese Nunchaku competition. This practicer was awesome.

Nunchaku can do everything !
This practicer shows us that we can do a lot of thing with a Nunchaku: play tennis, golf, volley...

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Master Li Yancai
Here is one of the greatest Kung Fu and Nunchaku master in China. This video quickly presents some of his skills.

Bruce Lee playing ping pong with a Nunchaku !
This is a Chinese advertisement for the last mobile phone of Nokia, the N95, also known as Nokia Nunchaku or Nokia Lee.

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